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  • The Ice War Continueth, Part 3: Kashong Ice Company

    December 18th, 2019
    The story of the Kashong Ice Company.
  • The Ice War Continueth, Part 2

    November 21st, 2019
    Tensions in the ice harvesting community
  • Welcome to Geneva: Enjoy Your Stay

    August 10th, 2018
    Brief history of hotels in Geneva.
  • The Great Lunch Wagon Controversy of 1897

    February 2nd, 2018
    Debate in 1897 on whether Geneva should have a lunch wagon.
  • The Last Music Store

    October 14th, 2016
    Brief history of music stores in Geneva, New York
  • Geneva Food Uncovered

    May 1st, 2015
    Recently a nice article about one of our local restaurants, The Deluxe, was published in the Life in the Finger Lakes magazine’s March/April 2015 issue. The woman, who wrote the article, Margueite Abbott, did a lot of research at the Geneva Historical Society and we have put that information in a file for anyone to look at by coming to our archives. It was a More »
  • Picking Up The Farming Slack in Geneva During World War II

    January 30th, 2015
    By the end of the war, there were almost 1,000 men who were enlisted in the army from Geneva. The loss of these men caused a drop in people who were able to work. The loss of the men from Geneva to the war was very problematic for the farming in the area.
  • Currency, Finance and the Civil War

    August 8th, 2014
    Banking in the early years of the American Republic was decentralized, inefficient and disorganized, leading to frequent panics and depressions. As in many other areas of national development, it was the Civil War which prompted radical change in the country’s financial system.
  • Workers at Rose Hill Farm

    July 3rd, 2014
    As we saw last month, the Swans at Rose Hill relied on female workers to do much of the housework and childcare. Running the farm operations required male workers.
  • Domestic Service at Rose Hill

    May 30th, 2014
    At Rose Hill in the mid-19th century, the Swans hired laborers for agricultural and domestic work. This post examines the female domestic servants at the house
  • Herman Ten Eyck Foster Part 2

    May 23rd, 2014
    By Alice Askins, Education Coordinator at Rose Hill Mansion   In May 1842 Herman came from New York City to learn farming from Mr. Owens near Ithaca.  He wrote in his diary that he was sad to leave his friends, though trying to overcome it.  By June 18, he was already waiting for the Smiths to visit him.  Herman usually called the Smiths “the boys,” More »
  • Meet the Neighbors: Herman Ten Eyck Foster, Part 1

    April 25th, 2014
    By Alice Askins, Education Coordinator at Rose Hill Mansion I had thought that Robert Swan was unusual in coming from a business background in New York Cityto farm in Seneca County.  There was at least one other man, though, who came from New York City to farm.  That man’s name was Herman Ten Eyck Foster, and thanks to Winterthur Museum, we have transcripts of his More »
  • Thinking Spring

    February 12th, 2014
    An ode to spring
  • Banking in Early Geneva

    February 5th, 2014
    Overview of banking in early Geneva.
  • Geneva in the 1920s

    January 10th, 2014
    Overview of businesses in Geneva during the 1920s.
  • Grocery Shopping in Geneva 1957

    November 15th, 2013
    Grocery shopping in Geneva in 1957.
  • Sustainable Agriculture, c. 1860

    May 31st, 2013
    Robert Swan's farming practice was what the modern observer could call sustainable.
  • Robert Swan Becomes a Farmer

    March 25th, 2013
    Robert Swan's transition from city dweller to farmer at Rose Hill.