How to Add to our Collection

We always welcome prospective donations to our permanent collection. Please contact us before sending material for donation to the Archive or collection. Due to space limitations, we may not be able to accept your items, particularly if we already have several of the same object or if the object does not have a Geneva connection. We prefer identified photographs of people, as unidentified photos have less research and display value to us.

There are gaps in our collection that we would like to fill:

  • Photographs, archival materials, and objects between 1970 and the present
  • Photographs, archival materials, and objects reflecting Geneva’s diversity, including but not limited to racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious groups
  • Photographs, archival materials, and objects from Geneva’s industries, including current companies
  • Genealogical materials, from family records to photographs

Please call John Marks, Curator of Collections, at 315-789-5151 or send an email to if you have items for our collection.

Collecting the 1960s

We are currently trying to improve our collection of material from the 1960s, as we have relatively few artifacts from the decade. To address this gap in our collection, we are seeking information and donations from the Geneva community. We can readily scan most paper material if you are willing to share them with us but don’t want to part with the originals. While we cannot take all items, we welcome the public to contribute material that would help tell the story of Geneva during the 1960s. To let us know if you have something to share, feel free to call us or download the form below to tell us what you have to offer.

1960s History Harvest Form