Current Exhibits

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  • Temporary Exhibits

  • Geneva Innovators

    Meet Geneva’s many Innovators in this exhibit. These pioneers, inventors, reformers, leaders, founders, and radicals have shaped Geneva and the world. Their ideas, work and inventions have changed the world and their community, in the past and the present. Geneva Innovators will be on display through April 2022.
  • Community Curator: Chris Davis

    Space in the front entryway of the Geneva History Museum is devoted to Community Curators. Chris Davis collects bottle art and memory jugs.  He has graciously loaned us several items from his collection. We show you ours, now it’s time for you to show us yours. Became a Community Curator! If you have a collection and would like to display it at the Geneva History More »
  • My Geneva is…

    The exhibit My Geneva is… is made up entirely of photos contributed by community members. My Geneva is… includes images that convey what Geneva is to an individual. Everyone in the community has their own idea of what the city is, and what represents it for them. For some, it is the built environment, for others, a place from childhood, an individual or a group More »
  • Long Term Exhibits

  • Furnished Period Rooms

    The Geneva History Museum features two rooms with furniture and decorative arts ranging from early American to the Colonial Revival style of the late 19th century.
  • The Charles Bauder Children’s Discovery Room

    Designed for children aged six to ten years old, the colorful 240-square-foot space contains hands-on activities and books that allow children to explore aspects of local history and culture. Activities focus on Seneca basket making and beadwork, historic clothing, transportation, and “re-building” downtown Geneva. Two of the walls sport a mural designed by Trumansburg artist Daniel Burgevin, which contains a colorful and lively visual history More »
  • Geneva’s Changing Landscapes

    Much of Geneva’s history is related to its surroundings. For centuries, people have been drawn to Geneva for the land and water: abundant wildlife, fertile soil, and east-west transportation routes. Today, we often lose sight of how the land continues to shape Geneva’s identity. Geneva’s Changing Landscapes examines Geneva through environmental history, which is the study of how humans relate to, use, and affect (or More »