We Stayed At Home

The Geneva Historical Society’s mission is telling Geneva’s stories.  Join us in documenting this historic moment through We Stayed At  Home: A Record of Geneva During The 2020 Pandemic.

What might future historians and generations need to understand the COVID-19 Pandemic?  All of us have a story to tell and we invite you to share your story on how the Pandemic is affecting your life.   Are you in an at-risk group or have someone in your home who is?  How has the stay-at-home order affected you?  Do you shop less or use a grocery delivery service? What has been your experience at the store?  If you eat out regularly, do you continue to get takeout or delivery from those restaurants?  If you are on Facebook or Instagram, do you have a favorite meme or post (PG-13) that sums up your experience?  For students at home, what has your experience been like? What is your new normal?

Share your story through

  • Narratives – letter, poem, song, recipes, short story
  • Images – photographs, screenshots of social media, memes
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Files – emails, flyers, announcements, text messages, tweets

Through our Facebook page, Instagram account, blog articles  and this page, we will regularly share submissions to We At Stayed Home.  Some submissions to We At Stayed Home will become part of the Historical Society’s collection.  For more information about the project, contact our Archivist, Becky Chapin at archivist@genevahistoricalsociety.com.

Submit your story here.